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I am always so happy when they cooperate for a few quick photos.  They had just straightened there hair so I just gad to grab a few shots.  Thank you girls!

San Carlos Belmont portrait photography

San Carlos Belmont portrait photography

San Carlos Belmont portrait photography

We bought one of those disposable underwater cameras and had fun taking pictures of the kids last week when it was so hot!  It makes me want to get a really good digital underwater camera.  I have seen portrait photographers who specialize in underwater portraits.  They are so cool!

Bay Area Photography

San Carlos, Palo Alto, Menlo Park portrait photography

Underwater portrait photography

Underwater portrait photography

I love photographing my kids playing sports.  It combines two of my favorite things  and every now and then I get what I call “superhero” shots of my kids.  You know… the ones where they look incredibly athletic.

I am sharing a few recent ones from my son’s little league.  I love seeing the determination that these boys bring to the sport.

San Carlos, CA Bay area family photography

Fast Fielding {San Carlos, Bay Area Child Photography}

I took lots of basketball photos for my son’s team this year and made up many faux magazine covers.  What 8 year old boy wouldn’t want a covershot?


Here is one from flag football:


Still in the design phase of this blog.  Working to get the look to tie into my portrait web site.  Here are a few images to enjoy!

I really like this image for its light.  I love images that have both cool and warm colors.  This was shot with natural light flooding in from the right balanced by warm toned light coming from left.


Here are a few more.   These are from a recent quick shoot of the kids:




Finally getting a blog set up.  I am so excited to share my photography with you.  I will be posting client work, special projects, fun stuff of my family and any other seemingly random photo-related work that I feel like sharing.

In this post I am sharing some family picts taken for our holiday card.  Basically just needed some test images to see if I have figured out how to upload properly.


They were fighting… can you tell?